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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Top user predictions. Показать все сообщения

четверг, 25 сентября 2014 г.

Beck - Bemelmans . Tennis. ATP Challenger Orleans (France). Hard

Tennis. ATP Challenger Orleans (France). Hard
Kick-off today at 21:00 MSK

Beck - Bemelmans
TIP 1  Beck  1,8 (Pinnacle)

Very interesting line of Andreas Beck offer at most bookmakers average is 1.7 - 1.8.
Consider why Beck can win today Bemelmans?! Immediately apparent lichku for Beck's 3: 0 what's the same in New Orleans, even the old, Beck won against Bemelmans on all surfaces, the old PM!? - So take a look at how Bemelmans climbed in the ranking, will not see, and we will see it at all degrades its rating has since dropped to 70 products!
Bemelmans small growth for tennis it is lower than Beck 20 cm, and it is in tennis much solves, ranging from a powerful feed which has Beck, ending overlapping courts and a game on the back of the line. Bemelmans won yesterday Mayu and quotations for the match against Beck began to grow, such as strong it :), played well, and so we know exactly what Mayu drain him for a long time such a peccadillo, it is not exchanged for smaller challengers rather Mahut lost than the Belgian won!
And the last is that both players left-handers and left-handers usually in matches won is more powerful tennis player which is the Andreas Beck!
Odds of winning Beck appreciate at least 8 to 10 or 80%

TIP 1 Beck 1,8 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

Mayer - Nieminen . Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor
Kick-off at 09:00 MSK

Mayer - Nieminen
TIP 2 Nieminen  1,98 (Unibet)

I will say what I know. Nieminen in the hall on a fast Indoor always added despite his age, he was left-handed, and with it very hard to play, already visited two tournaments after US in Metz and there have already arrived to the coating took Oswald to the lungs sets 61 62 less than an hour. Meyer after the CD is not playing at Indoor no preparation, and indeed is a player of slow courts. Chances Mayer very little is likely they never will !

TIP 2 Nieminen 1,98 (Unibet)

Good luck !

среда, 24 сентября 2014 г.

Cuevas - Dodig . Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor
Kick-off at 09:00 MSK

Cuevas - Dodig
TIP 1 Cuevas kp. 2.05 (5Dimes)

Dodig in terrible shape. Cuevas Recent matches really really scored a good game form. In Kuala Lumpur on the light passed Melzer plays attacking tennis. In the match against Dodig feeble Japanese Croatian Moria Moria ate legs blew twice brekoval it and apply for a set, but not really just luck, put the second set due to inexperience! Dodig chances in the upcoming match against Cuevas no more than 25% with a 100 !

TIP 1 Cuevas  2,05 (5Dimes) Good luck !

Groth - Duckworth . Tennis. ATP Shenzhen (China). Hard

Tennis. ATP Shenzhen (China). Hard
Kick-off at 10:30 MSK

Groth - Duckworth
TIP 1 Groth 1,64 

- Groth High tennis player plays heavily on the supply that principle on a fast hard court in China. Both the Australian, but a class above the Groth, Duckworth usually rolls challengers and then with mediocre results. 

понедельник, 15 сентября 2014 г.

Muller - Roger-Vasselin . Tennis. ATP Metz (France). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Metz (France). Indoor
Kick-off at 21:30 MSK

Muller - Roger-Vasselin
TIP 1 Muller
kp. 2,68 (Marathonbet)

In the near future, the line will appear on all bookmakers !
Gilles Muller of Luxembourg-born player is a typical closed fast indoor courts, so-called Indore. His tactic is based on the serve and volley as it left-handed, he is very uncomfortable, he is tall and has a gun supply, due to which it wins, Muller does not change the cover, this year he only played on fast courts , won 5 titles Challenger tour Indore.
Roger-Vasselin, though higher in the rankings and is playing at home, but it is unlikely to help him, he can not play with the type of serving Muller, he is not able to roll the tie breaks in which Muller "the dog ate" the last 10 matches Vasselin is 7 and 3 defeats victory, the Frenchman is not in the form he is in decline, that he be able to resist Muller, it's set up, as the bidding looks valuynoy total more than 22.5 games per match. Expect at least one tie-break and a couple of light sets !

TIP 1 Muller 2,68 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

четверг, 4 сентября 2014 г.

Troicki - Brown . Tennis. ATP Challenger Genoa (Italy). Clay

Tennis. ATP Challenger Genoa (Italy). Clay
Kick-off at 22:30 MSK

Troicki - Brown
TIP 1 Troicki
kp. 1,46 (Pinnacle)

VIP match for profit !
Bet to the full !
Brown is no gruntovika results for Indore due to the supply and in most cases questionable. Troicki won the Challenger Como in Italy that week, year and a half after the disqualification because of doping scandal Serb said he would play the result all matches including the challengers in order to get out on their normal rating level with the hole in which was higher than the 700 - th. In victory Troicki no doubt.
The chances of winning at least 9 Troicki with 10 or 90%.


TIP 1 Troicki 1,46 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

пятница, 29 августа 2014 г.

Bautista-Agut - Smyczek . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 22:30 MSK

Bautista-Agut - Smyczek
Handicap games Bautista-Agut (-6)
kp. 1,93 (Pinnacle)

Spaniard Bautista versatile player, he is equally reliable on all surfaces, without exception, be it a quick hard, grass or clay . Bookmakers in this game rely on the fact that Tim Smyczek American and playing at home so offer odds +/- 6 for most offices, but he did not help ! Smyczek a player Challenger tour in the spring stock Bautista rolled it to minus 14 in the light of three sets, Smyczek fit for the match as saying "ugorevshim" for it is the fifth week of heavy marathon without rest to participate in the American challengers and qualifications at the Masters as just Ranking enough to speak directly into the main draw of the tournament. Losses from the feeble Byukennenov, Matosevic and Kudla hits Smyczeka explicit level of play. In victory Bautista-Agut absolutely no doubt handicap minus 6 games in the five-set format flies even when winning the set in favor Smyczeka, which is highly unlikely !

Handicap games Bautista-Agut (-6) 1,93 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

четверг, 28 августа 2014 г.

Kirgios - Seppi . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 01:50 MSK

Kirgios - Seppi
TIP 1  Kirgios
kp. 1,62 (William Hill)

Reliable VIP match for profit !
Sensation of the year the 19-year-old Australian Nick Kirgios continues his epic already the US Open first round defeating Mikhail Youzhny, who bookmakers why it considered the favorite in the match. If you look for Seppi, where he was in front of the GS US Open, we see that Seppi played all the Masters for a few games this Toronto, Cincinnati and Winston-Salem while he spent force on flights, acclimatization, minimum stay - usually more rasschetlivye tennis players so do not they try their hand at a Masters, and a second or completely refuse to participate, or a quick cast, and so Kirgios it did so - two games in Toronto and refusal to participate in Cincinnati, because the fees even in the first round of a Grand Slam is not comparable to the semi-finals / finals drain masters.
In victory Kirgiosa no doubt, appreciate the chance to at least 9 or 10 to 90%.

TIP 1 Kirgios 1,62 (William Hill)

Good luck !

понедельник, 25 августа 2014 г.

Mayer - Montanes . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 19:00 MSK

Mayer - Montanes

Under 37 games
kp. 1,92 (Marathonbet)

Argentine Leonardo Mayer already a week as develops and trains in the states in local courts, is prepared at the beginning of the year at AO Meyer endured Montanes 25 games per match with a minus 13. Montanes is no harder tennis player, and he on the ground lately there is something wins, but most matches on challengers and futures, his recent results on hard if you take the 25 games, it's 22! lesions and only 3 wins, Montanes already too old to skate on a fast hard court. It is more likely that there 3: 0 for Mayer, but the exact score is a bit fragile, because even at 3:1 bet can play. Totals 37 games per match - fever bookmakers too much in such hands !

Under 37 games 1,92 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

пятница, 22 августа 2014 г.

Bhambri - McGee . Tennis. US Open ATP (USA) . Hard

Tennis. US Open ATP (USA) . Hard
Kick-off at 23:30 MSK

Bhambri - McGee
TIP 2 McGee
kp. 1,85 (Marathonbet)

Bhambri played most of the season, an injury he has not recovered so far - against refusal Bangura in Washington, Bhambri not withstand prolonged matches, there is something played in the United States last week on futures wins against guys do not even have a rating. Bhambri breaks down quickly if the opponent impose his game, so here is a tennis player McGee , it is not convenient because it fight per point, playing practical jokes to the end, there is a special motivation and desire to win consistently !

TIP 2 McGee 1,85 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

четверг, 21 августа 2014 г.

Gojowczyk - Molchanov . Tennis. US Open ATP (USA) . Hard

Tennis. US Open ATP (USA) . Hard
Kick-off at 20:30 MSK

Gojowczyk - Molchanov
TIP 1 Gojowczyk
kp. 1,55 (Unibet)


Very strange to see another Ukrainian Denis Mochanov qualifying US Open, bounced miraculously saved up, it is not clear how, Molchanov is a typical player challengers, but not a Grand Slam, even qualifications. Gojowczyk always played a Grand Slam qualification fast coatings AO, Wimbledon and the US Open perfectly! Can not pass such a match with plus 55% for a couple of hours without any extra nerves - a great investment !

TIP 1 Gojowczyk 1,55 (Unibet)

Good luck !

среда, 20 августа 2014 г.

Goffin - Nieminen . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:00 MSK

Goffin - Nieminen
TIP 1 Goffin kp. 1.7

VIP match for profit !
The line on this game in the near future will be on the majority of bookies you'll ever need, at this point in overseas bookmakers on Goffin give it 1.7 Pinnacle, Paddy Power, Bwin, FortunaWin and others. As for the match, then everything is transparent ! Nieminen exactly here is not for the title, but to a greater extent for the check, he performed the task at least, was the first round (barely) beat the age as he Becker, motivation to do battle with Goffin clearly zero, even if she was really nothing can resist Wait a guy shows his best tennis, winning titles and adds from match to match. Nieminen on the court last matches ate legs moves, slipped to challengers, fees on US Open only for the first round at times more than to win the title in Winston-Salem, it's over for Goffin, logic prevails Fin just poberezhet force on US Open tournament and otoletsya today with a little fight !

TIP 1 Goffin 1.7

Good luck !

Paes / Marrero - Groth / Guccione . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Doubles. Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Doubles. Hard
Kick-off at 04:30 MSK

Paes / Marrero - Groth / Guccione
TIP 2 Groth / Guccione
kp. 2,0 (Marathonbet)

Error bookmakers !
Incorrect line for the match !
For many bookies this match in doubles with just clean lines, if the match takes place, the victory Groth / Guccione no doubt. Paes is usually played in pairs with Stepanek with Marrero has not played even once, a doubles of absolutely not exactly played.
Groth / Guccione not first year together, only for 2014 - The Year 6 titles: Dallas, Leon, Shenzhen, Taipei, Gimcheon, Bogota. What is there to be able to resist absolutely played a doubles that does not have a single game together, the titles of the winners who are currently unbeaten with 20 matches in a row !? The answer is simple - absolutely nothing !

TIP 2 Groth / Guccione 2,0 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

Dancevic - Young . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:30 MSK

Dancevic - Young
TIP 2 Young
kp. 1,45 (Betfair)

- Young Dancevic beat last week in Toronto, nothing has changed, still Dancevic has not scored in fitness, a lot of breaks in the last match against Bellucci - shows women's tennis)

TIP 2 Young 1,45 (Betfair)

Good luck !

Goffin - Meyer . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:30 MSK

Goffin - Meyer
TIP 1 Goffin
kp. 1,55 (Betfair)

- Mayer has not played the last month, the latest games on the ground, the most difficult transition to hard to slow. Goffin vice versa at full speed 3 game in Winston-Salem and three easy victories to 2:0

TIP 1 Goffin 1,55 (Betfair)

I wish you luck !

Sousa - Janowicz . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Sousa - Janowicz
TIP 2 Janowicz
kp. 1,5 (Betfair)

- Janowicz now in great shape - to boost US Open. Victory at last week Dimitrov and light sets yesterday against Berlocq 6:1.

TIP 2 Janowicz 1,5 (Betfair)

Good luck !

Nedovesov - Roger-Vasselin . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Nedovesov - Roger-Vasselin
TIP 2 Roger-Vasselin
kp. 1,31 (Betfair)

- Nedovesov lower class on hard for Roger-Vasselin, strong supply Frenchman get caught by surprise feeble Nedovesova.

TIP 2 Roger-Vasselin 1,31 (Betfair)

I wish you luck !

вторник, 19 августа 2014 г.

Bellucci - Dancevic . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (United States). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (United States). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Bellucci - Dancevic
TIP 2 Dancevic
kp. 2,0 (Betfair)

Frank Dancevic plays on favorite for a quick hard, his best results it is a typical profile, his main weapon is a powerful serve, and eysami dvuhhodovki after successful innings.
Thomas Bellucci - a typical clay drocher who likes to tinker with the long ball and intricately poperekidyvat keeper, his trump card it draws, but in a match against Dancevic is not rolling, Frank will not give him a delay draws, and will try to finish them quickly in their favor.
Odds of winning Dancevic estimate at least 60 to 40 kp 2.0 that offers betting exchange Betfair will calculate valuynost
K = (60 * 2.0) / 100 = 1.2> 1 => valuyny VIP match Dancevic is a victory !

TIP 2 Dancevic 2,0 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

воскресенье, 17 августа 2014 г.

Montanes - Starace . Tennis. ATP Challenger Kardenons (Italy). Clay

Tennis. ATP Challenger Kardenons (Italy). Clay
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Montanes - Starace
TIP 1 Montanes
kp. 1,61 (Bet365)

VIP match for profit !
In victory Montanes no doubt.
Incredible game at the reception against Skugor, great footwork, the Spaniard on clay, where he plays since childhood , 5: 1 on meets against Starace, last week ago in San - Marino, nothing has changed 100% . Odds of winning Montanes appreciate at least 9 to 10 or 90% .

TIP 1 Montanes 1,61 (Bet365)

Good luck !

четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

Fognini - Hewitt . Tennis. ATP Cincinnati (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Cincinnati (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 22:00 MSK

Fognini - Hewitt
TIP 1 Fognini
kp. 1,75 (Pinnacle)

Hugh time is over, now tennis players show a completely different format tennis, Hewitt beat in his time in the force option due to the supply and strong topspinov. Fognini is not convenient for Hewitt lichku on hard in favor of the Italian game Fognini is a chess game tricks, gimmicks, cut and shortened innings. What is there to shine veteranchiku Hugh so it set up and then in serious doubt !

TIP 1 Fognini 1,75 (Pinnacle)

I wish you luck !