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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком tennis tournaments. Показать все сообщения

вторник, 6 сентября 2016 г.

Bašić - Koppejans | ATP Challenger St. Rémy | Strategy betting

Tennis. ATP Challenger St. Rémy (France). hard
Kick 09/06/2016 12:00:00
Bašić - Koppejans
TIP 1 Bašić @ 1,9 (NordicBet)

Koppejans very little playing matches on a fast hard, most of his matches he stirs a slow hard court and pulls on the tiebreaker in the third set, if it is impossible trying to play on the break of the total for more. Bašić in the form of the latest matches played on hard, though not very successful, but the gaming experience is. Team safebetsport said Mirza Bašić the clear favorite and expects to match even in three sets with a logical conclusion in favor Bašić!

TIP 1 Bašić @ 1,9 (NordicBet)

Good luck !

2:0 ++++++ 

воскресенье, 7 августа 2016 г.

среда, 6 апреля 2016 г.

Monaco - Paire | VIP Tennis TIPs | Strategy betting

Tennis. ATP Houston (USA). Clay
Kick 04/06/2016 21:30:00
Monaco - Paire
TIP 1 Monaco @ 1,8 (William Hill)

Despite its ranking in Hoonah clayer argentine Monaco is a special motivation to enter the top one hundred, where he always had to win at least the match against the constantly injured Frenchman Benoit Paire , who indirectly played on slow courts .

TIP 1  Monaco @ 1,8 (William Hill)

Good luck !

2:0 ++++++ 

четверг, 28 января 2016 г.

среда, 27 января 2016 г.

пятница, 18 сентября 2015 г.

Grigelis - Marchenko . Tennis. ATP Davis Cup . Group 1 (World)

Tennis. ATP Davis Cup . Group 1 (World)
Kick 09/18/2015 18:00:00
Grigelis - Marchenko
TIP 2 Marchenko 
@ 1,65 (TonyBet)

Grigelisu Marchenko is clearly not on the teeth. Class players quite a difference if Grigelis frequenter of various challengers and futures, then already in full Marchenko played major tournaments and the Masters Grand Slam!

TIP 2 Marchenko @ 1,65 (TonyBet)

Good luck !

суббота, 15 ноября 2014 г.

Wawrinka - Cilic . Tennis. ATP London (World). Hard

Tennis. ATP London (World). Hard
Kick-off at 23:00 MSK

Wawrinka - Cilic
TIP 1 Wawrinka 1,44 (TEMPOBET)

Very small 1.44 tell you and you just right, but if you look on the other side for this match as a real investment by 44% in a day, it is still quite good, you can gruzanut to the full! Scary!? Consider why quite scary and why there will be an easy victory Wawrinka. Cilic was a very difficult and stressful year, won the first Grand Slam title plus the title in Moscow, actually if you look for something Cilic is the ultimate dream, the guy has thoughts on vacation somewhere in the warm beaches of Miami, and here it is necessary to roll the final finished badly after all not yet against different Batista, Kukushkin and Robredo, but against the strongest, that's it for this reason Croats have long dropped his hands and came to the final "whipping boy". We believe that there is light and unequivocal victory for Stan Wawrinka !

TIP 1 Wawrinka 1,44 (TEMPOBET)

Good luck !

четверг, 13 ноября 2014 г.

Ymer - Gerasimov . Tennis. ATP Challenger Helsinki (Finland). Hard . Tennis tournaments, Tennis, Sure Bets, Sport betting, insider tips, My strategy for tennis, Hot Matches, fixed-tips, Dropping Odds

Tennis. ATP Challenger Helsinki (Finland). Hard
Kick-off at 16:30 MSK

Ymer - Gerasimov
TIP 2 Gerasimov 1,83 (Marathonbet)

The thing is that the 18-year-old Elias Ymer their priority coatings on the court considers the soil, not hard, and even more so in the room, which today will play against Belarus Egor Gerasimov, but we know the contrary Gerasimov as players quickly courts, open and in the hall, the main weapon which is a powerful serve and forehand.

TIP 2 Gerasimov 1,83 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

суббота, 1 ноября 2014 г.

Riba-Madrid - Serra . Tennis. ATP Challenger Reunion (France). hard

Tennis. ATP Challenger Reunion (France). hard
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Riba-Madrid - Serra
TIP 2 Serra
kp. 1,98 (Pinnacle)

Hispanic Riba-Madrid Vesma unstable tennis player, this year alone he has more than 5 failures during the match, missed half of last season due to injury and fell back to 800 minutes with a ponytail rating, persistent health problems, injuries, in essence it no player for Hardy is a typical Spaniard gruntovikov, shallow sowing fyucherosov and challengers, and by the way at this year's RIBA on hard 2+ / 7- what he does here in France for me the big question.
Serra local, he often rode on fast courts in the country, I think the maximum that can play this game on his serve, but no more !

TIP 2 Serra 1,98 (TEMPOBET)

Good luck !

понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.

Goffin - Thiem . Tennis. ATP Basel (Switzerland). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Basel (Switzerland). Indoor
Kick-off at 22:00 MSK

Goffin - Thiem
TIP 1 Goffin 1,45 (Marathonbet)

VIP match for profit !
In victory Goffin no doubt!

Those who think that Goffin withdrew from the tournament in Vienna due to injury are deeply mistaken, it's just a rest before the final sprint to the end of the season, which proves his words on Twitter, where he wrote that he was glad to be and rest with his family. Goffin already this season, took two challenger to Indoor. Thiem was not just a player fast courts in the hall, he prefers slow courts, the preparation is one match in the hall against Carreno-Busta typical clayer and lost 2:0. Also by the way Goffin won 3 out of three possible matches Thiem. There is likely 2:0 for Goffin, but play clean for 1.45 which is also nice !

TIP 1 Goffin 1,45 (Marathonbet)

Good Luck !

четверг, 16 октября 2014 г.

Bellucci - Lopez .

Tennis. ATP Vienna (Austria). hard
Kick-off today at 17:00 MSK  

Bellucci - Lopez
TIP 1 Bellucci 2,75 (Paddy Power)


For Lopez not the time to waste on such so small (drain) turnirchiki type Vienna Erste Bank in Austria, he earned excellent in Shanghai almost 200k green (half the prize fund Austria :)) and now is the time otlitsya and relax a bit. Moreover Lopez plays a little in the hall this year it 0-2 early in the year and lost to Karlovic Mayer, preparation for the hall completely zero.
Bellucci southpaw like Lopez, in principle, be a little easier to play than right-handed. Brazilian third week rolls on in the halls of Indore for him it is the fourth tournament, picking up during the tournament, great training.
Conclusion: not motivated and prepared for matches in the hall Lopez vs. gaining Bellucci, with odds 2.75 at most bookies and the odds of winning at least Bellucci 60 to 40 believe victory Bellucci valuynoy bidding !

TIP 1 Bellucci 2,75 (Paddy Power)

Good luck !

суббота, 4 октября 2014 г.

Kokkinakis - Gonzalez . Tennis. ATP Shanghai (China). Hard.

Tennis. ATP Shanghai (China). Hard.
Kick-off at 08:00 MSK

Kokkinakis - Gonzalez
TIP 1 Kokkinakis 1,62 (PaddyPower)

VIP match for profit !
TOP User Predictions !
Kokkinakis fast courts uses its main weapon is serve. Kokkinakis 18-year-old Australian, a typical representative of the fast courts. Excellent training last week in Shenzhen, has passed all the qualifiers without difficulty.
Gonzalez is the second compactor loshok weave, what he was doing in China on fast courts, for us it is a mystery! He has only this year on hard 4 games 3 which lost.
Chance to win a pair of Kokkinakis appreciate a minimum of 9 to 10 or 90%

TIP 1 Kokkinakis 1,62 (PaddyPower)

Good luck !

среда, 10 сентября 2014 г.

Melzer - Rufin . Tennis. ATP Challenger Brasov (Romania). Clay

Tennis. ATP Challenger Brasov (Romania). Clay
Kick-off at 12:30 MSK

Melzer - Rufin
TIP 2 Rufin
kp. 1,5 (Pinnacle)

Rufin perfectly played a couple of futures in August on the ground in Italy, prepared, scored a game form. Grigor Melzer mediocre results this year, a lot of tournaments replaced after playing for a couple of matches and quickly flies, had no match practice on medelnnom ground after a rally with US Open. In victory Rufina no doubt !

TIP 2 Rufin kp. 1,5 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

четверг, 28 августа 2014 г.

Kirgios - Seppi . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 01:50 MSK

Kirgios - Seppi
TIP 1  Kirgios
kp. 1,62 (William Hill)

Reliable VIP match for profit !
Sensation of the year the 19-year-old Australian Nick Kirgios continues his epic already the US Open first round defeating Mikhail Youzhny, who bookmakers why it considered the favorite in the match. If you look for Seppi, where he was in front of the GS US Open, we see that Seppi played all the Masters for a few games this Toronto, Cincinnati and Winston-Salem while he spent force on flights, acclimatization, minimum stay - usually more rasschetlivye tennis players so do not they try their hand at a Masters, and a second or completely refuse to participate, or a quick cast, and so Kirgios it did so - two games in Toronto and refusal to participate in Cincinnati, because the fees even in the first round of a Grand Slam is not comparable to the semi-finals / finals drain masters.
In victory Kirgiosa no doubt, appreciate the chance to at least 9 or 10 to 90%.

TIP 1 Kirgios 1,62 (William Hill)

Good luck !

среда, 27 августа 2014 г.

Dodig - Lopez . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 19:00 MSK

Dodig - Lopez
TIP 2 Lopez
kp. 1,7 (Pinnacle)

Bringing all that lost the bookies !
Reliable VIP match for profit !
Lopez is always activated on truniry with a large prize fund, namely the Grand Slam tournaments. The Spaniard tried his hand at Toronto and loss at the Masters in Cincinnati thus took a rest before the US Open, winning the strongest tennis players Berdych, Bautista, Raonich .
Know exactly what Dodig not stable player on hard, his career has long been witness, he can shoot and show the results on the ground and grass relying on his serve, that happens and does not fly, but this class tennis on hard why that memorable defeat of long since ended up being great tennis veteran David Nalbandian (honestly player below average hand), which on hard tore Dodig for light sets 6:1 6:2, when he was already not in the best years !

TIP 2 Lopez 1,7 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

среда, 20 августа 2014 г.

Goffin - Nieminen . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:00 MSK

Goffin - Nieminen
TIP 1 Goffin kp. 1.7

VIP match for profit !
The line on this game in the near future will be on the majority of bookies you'll ever need, at this point in overseas bookmakers on Goffin give it 1.7 Pinnacle, Paddy Power, Bwin, FortunaWin and others. As for the match, then everything is transparent ! Nieminen exactly here is not for the title, but to a greater extent for the check, he performed the task at least, was the first round (barely) beat the age as he Becker, motivation to do battle with Goffin clearly zero, even if she was really nothing can resist Wait a guy shows his best tennis, winning titles and adds from match to match. Nieminen on the court last matches ate legs moves, slipped to challengers, fees on US Open only for the first round at times more than to win the title in Winston-Salem, it's over for Goffin, logic prevails Fin just poberezhet force on US Open tournament and otoletsya today with a little fight !

TIP 1 Goffin 1.7

Good luck !

Paes / Marrero - Groth / Guccione . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Doubles. Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Doubles. Hard
Kick-off at 04:30 MSK

Paes / Marrero - Groth / Guccione
TIP 2 Groth / Guccione
kp. 2,0 (Marathonbet)

Error bookmakers !
Incorrect line for the match !
For many bookies this match in doubles with just clean lines, if the match takes place, the victory Groth / Guccione no doubt. Paes is usually played in pairs with Stepanek with Marrero has not played even once, a doubles of absolutely not exactly played.
Groth / Guccione not first year together, only for 2014 - The Year 6 titles: Dallas, Leon, Shenzhen, Taipei, Gimcheon, Bogota. What is there to be able to resist absolutely played a doubles that does not have a single game together, the titles of the winners who are currently unbeaten with 20 matches in a row !? The answer is simple - absolutely nothing !

TIP 2 Groth / Guccione 2,0 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

Dancevic - Young . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:30 MSK

Dancevic - Young
TIP 2 Young
kp. 1,45 (Betfair)

- Young Dancevic beat last week in Toronto, nothing has changed, still Dancevic has not scored in fitness, a lot of breaks in the last match against Bellucci - shows women's tennis)

TIP 2 Young 1,45 (Betfair)

Good luck !

Goffin - Meyer . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 21:30 MSK

Goffin - Meyer
TIP 1 Goffin
kp. 1,55 (Betfair)

- Mayer has not played the last month, the latest games on the ground, the most difficult transition to hard to slow. Goffin vice versa at full speed 3 game in Winston-Salem and three easy victories to 2:0

TIP 1 Goffin 1,55 (Betfair)

I wish you luck !

Sousa - Janowicz . Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Winston-Salem (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Sousa - Janowicz
TIP 2 Janowicz
kp. 1,5 (Betfair)

- Janowicz now in great shape - to boost US Open. Victory at last week Dimitrov and light sets yesterday against Berlocq 6:1.

TIP 2 Janowicz 1,5 (Betfair)

Good luck !