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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком WTA. Показать все сообщения

пятница, 28 апреля 2017 г.

Mladenovic - Shugarpova | Tennis . WTA Stuttgart (Germany) . Clay | Strategy betting | FREE MATCH


Tennis . WTA Stuttgart (Germany) . Clay

Time : 17:00:00   Mladenovic - Shugarpova

  TIP : 80% 2 Shugarpova (Odd 1,6)   FT 2:1

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среда, 12 октября 2016 г.

Bencic/Flipkens - Schuurs/Voracova | WTA Linz (Austria) . Doubles | Strategy betting | FREE MATCH


Tennis . WTA Linz (Austria) . Doubles . Hard

Time : 20:00:00   Bencic/Flipkens - Schuurs/Voracova

  TIP : 80% 2 Schuurs/Voracova  (Odd 2,0)   FT 0:2 

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четверг, 22 сентября 2016 г.

Konjuh - Jankovic | WTA Guangzgou | Strategy betting | FREE MATCH


Tennis . WTA Guangzgou (China) . Hard

Time : 11:00:00   Konjuh - Jankovic

  TIP : 1 Konjuh (Odd 2,0)   FT 0:2  

*Напоминаем , что ставите Вы сами , наша команда просто предоставляет информацию , и команда vipctavki не несет никакой ответственности за то , что Вы поставите . Если хотите уверенности подписывайтесь на платные прогнозы , которые гарантируют минимум +20% в месяц !

среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

Duan - Jabeur | VIP Tennis TIPs | Strategy betting

Tennis. WTA US Open (USA). Hard
Time 24/08/2016 18:00:00
Duan - Jabeur
TIP 1 Duan @ 1,7 (bwin)

It is known that the closer to the elite tennis players of the first hundred, and Duan recall 103 rating, how much more motivated and high-quality game is traced in order to break into the coveted elite. Also kitayoza Duan this season played longer matches on a fast hard court than Jabeur. Latest matches Jabeur defeat at the Olympics from Kasatkina, and before that was a negative series on the clay, in the meantime Jabeur clearly not overhauled his game, but Duan this month won hardovy title in Nanchang, than confirmed its readiness to play on hard and great prepare for the match US Open!

TIP 1 Duan @ 1,7 (bwin)

Good luck !

2:1 ++++++ 

воскресенье, 7 августа 2016 г.

воскресенье, 21 февраля 2016 г.

вторник, 2 декабря 2014 г.

Pivovarova - Botto .Tennis. ITF Asuncion (Paraguay). Women. Clay

Tennis. ITF Asuncion (Paraguay). Women. Clay
Kick-off at 17:00 MSK

Pivovarova - Botto
TIP 2 Botto 2,2 (Bet365)

So stremitelnoe drop in world rankings for women's Anastasia Pivovarova from 93 to 414 did not inspire confidence in the Russian woman, the level of tennis that it shows this year compared with what was previously opredennyh show tournaments ITF (futures) on which it is currently engaged, moreover primer for Pivovarova is uniquely harsh conditions of the game, in this confrontation quotes must be at least Pivovarova higher than at Botto.

TIP 2 Botto 2,2 (Bet365)

Good luck !

воскресенье, 3 августа 2014 г.

Vandeweghe - Dabrowski . Tennis. WTA Montreal (Canada). Hard

Tennis. WTA Montreal (Canada). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Vandeweghe - Dabrowski
Correct Score 2:0
kp. 1,6 (Betfair)

Coco Vandeweghe spent more on a fast hard court matches than Dabrowski, it is higher in the rankings and has already beaten last year Dabrowski 2:0 . Vandeweghe uniquely player fast courts of its best results it is hard and the grass at the same Dabrowski best results is a slow clay .
Identical to the rate at 2:0 is minus 1.5 set (-1,5 sets) on Vandeweghe other bookmakers in addition to betting exchange Betfair !

Correct Score 2:0 1,6 (Betfair)

Good luck !

пятница, 11 апреля 2014 г.

Benchich - Chepelova

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay
Kick-off: Saturday April 5 at 22:30 MSK
Benchich - Cepelova 
TIP 2 Cepelova 
k. 2,1 (Pinnacle) 

- Belinda Benchich kvalifaer "family " tournament in Charleston, for her it's the seventh game , the last two matches against Svitolina Errani and creaking pulled after two hours of masturbation , heavy fights forces at the end .Slovak Jana Chepelova unlike Belinda has left to order more forces to the matches , yesterday's unexpected removal Hantukovoy with light sets in just an hour and training Osprey last week , passing skills and start the tournament in Charleston with the main grid gives neogovorochnoe advantage Yana in the upcoming fight . 

TIP 2 Chepelova  2,1 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

Petkovic - Safarova

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay 
Kick-off: Friday April 4 at 22:30 MSK 
Petkovic - Safarova 
TIP 1 Petkovic 
k. 1,88 (Pinnacle) 

- Safarova match against Stosur looked tonight, even in the morning , for the rest normalno tennis player needs rest to recover for at least 36 hours , and her play today after three sets uneasy match - in this event is exactly cons Safarova .Admire smart, deliberate game Petkovic two matches and two removal with light sets, all impacts on the exhale , stretching the opponent in the corners and the completion of combinations already half empty , that's what is going on under the name of the rink Petkovic.Today we expect heavy terhsetovy match , with lots of breaks in both directions and as a result labor victory Petkovic. 
TIP 1 Petkovic k. 1,88 (Pinnacle)

 Good luck !

Safarova - Stosur

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay 
Kick-off: Friday April 4 at 04:00 MSK
Safarova - Stosur 
TIP 1 Safarova
k. 1,77 (Betfair) 
- The rate of TOP users.It is for this match today placed bets as an investment professional players around the world.We always talked about what a player Stosur large cash tournaments, furthermore it does not fit this gray soil of American courts, it is usually laid out on the Grand Slam tournaments on the ground if it is , then the Rolland Garros , Masters in Charleston at 700 000 is for more small tennis players , but not for Stosur , more likely that Stosur win 1st set of the match , but lose the entire match .

TIP 1 Safarova  1,77 (Betfair)

 Good luck !

вторник, 1 апреля 2014 г.

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay . Gerges - Razzano

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay 
Monday 31 March at 20:30 MSK

Gerges - Razzano 
TIP 2 Razzano k. 2.5
 Handicap games Razzano (+3) k. 1.93

 - Bet on this match , just checked , it shall take all BC and Marathonbet, Pinnacle, Bet365, Betcity, StanJames, WilliamHill, betting exchange Betfair.
 Injury right leg and flight from Germany to the United States are those main negative factors that will interfere with today Julia Goerges and lead her to defeat against a more mature and experienced Frenchwoman Razzano . 
Razzano did not go out with the United States since the beginning of the month , even held training on slow courts in Osprey , had not had time to do a top -level tennis player , and took a week vacation . Razzano in great shape , recent matches against Flipkens , Larsson , Watson will be a positive impetus for her to win the "family " and defending tournament champion his character.  
Recommend placing both rates identical sums .

TIP 2 Razzano kp . 2.5 
Handicap games Razzano (+3) k. 1.93

Good luck !

Lim - Townsend

Tennis. WTA Charleston (USA). Clay
 Saturday March 29 at 23:00 MSK 
Lim - Townsend
TIP 2 Townsend 
k. 2,0 (Betfair)

- Bet against Frenchwoman Alize Lim .In stavnovlenii of French tennis players spend most of his youth training, training and generally stuffed arm fast indoor hard courts , so-called indoor, dirt slow to tennis courts are wary because of the greater percentage of injury . 

American Taylor Townsend is the youngest in the tournament 17 - year-old tennis player , this star has shown great promise for a successful career, she has a strong supply and has a special potential matches exactly the native courts.  
Gap in women's tennis rankings after the first hundred usually does not prove a definite gap in their game class , mainly in such matches equalized class game , this might sound trite , it is configured to match the inner and the player character .  
More than confident that the upcoming match young Townsend uses its full potential for the match and will win another victory . 

TIP 2 Townsend 2,0 (Betfair)

 Good luck !

e-mail: antonctavki@yahoo.com 
ICQ: 647195433

воскресенье, 9 марта 2014 г.

Tennis. WTA Indian Wells (USA). Hard . Babos - Kudryavtseva

Tennis. WTA Indian Wells (USA). Hard 
March 4 at 00:30 MSK 
Babos - Kudryavtseva
TIP 2 Kudryavtseva
k. 1,65 (Marathonbet) 
- The tip of the top users of the world.  
Great start this year for Alla Kudryavtseva at AO , at a tournament in Pattaya , Doha (Qatar) - fast, hard is its element , short slices with both hands and with halfkort rapid completion drawings will not leave a chance for a demoralized Timi Babos (7 lose in a row ) at the start of Indian Wells .  
Easy win for Kudryavtseva 1.65 for most offices - ship to the full ! 

TIP 2 Kudryavtseva k. 1,65 (Marathonbet) 
Good luck !

понедельник, 6 января 2014 г.

Tennis. WTA Hobart (Australia) . Hard . Cadantu - Rogowska

Tennis. WTA Hobart (Australia) . Hard 
Monday January 6 at 08:00 MSK 
Cadantu - Rogowska 
TIP 2 Rogowska 
k. 1,7 (Betfair)
 - VIP match for profit !Recommend placing more.Rate for the hostess Olivia Rogowska tournament . Not likely to see here due to lack of Romanians Cadantu on the courts and playing practice of not having more than two months . Cadantu now in terrible shape , the last match against a weak Nara Japanese women could not even finish citing an abdominal injury , it took less than a week during this time are more likely to claim recovery can not happen !

пятница, 3 января 2014 г.

Statistics VIP sport picks for December 2013

December 2013
Total bets = 40, including: loss = 16, return = 1 Win = 23

Net profit ratio = 21.41. 

Profit Percentage = 2141 - 1600 = + 541%
P.S. : For a long period of time, we are always in the black and we are confident that we will finish in January 2014 as a plus + + + + + + Subscribe to our newsletter lasting reliable VIP matches!

The total for all time:
We concluded 660 bets with a total percentage of profit 15309%!
But banks give only 10.5% per year in USD.
Draw your own conclusions!
Good luck in the victories!

Tennis. Doha ( Qatar) . hard Brands - Davydenko

Tennis. Doha ( Qatar) . hard 
Tuesday 31 December at 15:30 MSK 
Brands - Davydenko
TIP 1 Brands
k. 2,3 (Betfair) 
Seen ! What Davydenko annually inflate early in the season at a tournament in Qatar, although he never boosts in this period , in the year just Kohl reached the semifinals ( Brands to the finals ) here because of easy grid and no more , now thought necessary to protect the same glasses but it motivates Davydenko hardly likely targets are easier to play a couple of games for as such training before the start of the AO.Assess the chances of the match at least equal , even a slight favorite believe Daniel Brands . Consequently find valuynost K = (50 * 2.3) / 100 = 1.15 as required for reliability of this match!

TIP 1 Brands k. 2,3 (Betfair)

Good luck !

2 VIP Picks !

1.Tennis . ATP Chennai (India) . hard 
Monday December 30th at 14:00 MSK 
Kudryavtsev - Nielsen
TIP 1 Kudryavtsev 
k. 1,83 (Betfair) 
2.Tennis . ATP Doha ( Qatar) . hard 
Monday December 30th at 16:30 MSK
Tim - Bachinger 
TIP 1 Tim 
k. 1,85 (Pinnacle) 
- In the final qualification tournament in Chennai continue to bend the line Kudryavtseva in the match against unforced Hachanova least , a good feed - amounting to more than 3 games only eysami , as has been said the experience of playing on a typical hard courts this year, more than enough , Alexander 28 years that is at dawn and tennis achievement heights in the world of tennis! In Nielsen deadlock period , miraculously bounced Singh , no feeding and playing at the reception.- The rate for young Austrian Dominic Tim . Look a couple of years we will see this guy at least in the top twenty . Tim has a very powerful supply thereby gaining most aces and WINNERS . Assess the chances of the match at least 60 to 40 in favor of Tim with CF . 1.85, which gives Pinnacle shall count valuynostK = (60 * 1.85) / 100 = 1.11 which is greater than one so reliable VIP match a victory Dominimk Tim !Chances of passing our two VIP matches are very high in spite of the bookmakers margin also offer an express part of the amount put in 3.1 . 
Good luck !

Tennis. ATP Chennai (India). hard Kudryavtsev - Hachanov

Tennis. ATP Chennai (India). hard
Sunday 29 December at 11:00 MSK
Kudryavtsev - Hachanov
TIP 1  Kudryavtsev
k. 2,05 (Betfair)

  - The meeting of two Russians in India. Kudryavtsev in the outgoing year spent at least three times more games on hard Hachanova for more experience. Hachanov beat Tipsarevic disassembled and its chances for all matches crawled vgoru such upstarts as Hachanov not quite stable today Kudryavtsev prove it even in three sets.

Good luck!