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вторник, 6 сентября 2016 г.

Bašić - Koppejans | ATP Challenger St. Rémy | Strategy betting

Tennis. ATP Challenger St. Rémy (France). hard
Kick 09/06/2016 12:00:00
Bašić - Koppejans
TIP 1 Bašić @ 1,9 (NordicBet)

Koppejans very little playing matches on a fast hard, most of his matches he stirs a slow hard court and pulls on the tiebreaker in the third set, if it is impossible trying to play on the break of the total for more. Bašić in the form of the latest matches played on hard, though not very successful, but the gaming experience is. Team safebetsport said Mirza Bašić the clear favorite and expects to match even in three sets with a logical conclusion in favor Bašić!

TIP 1 Bašić @ 1,9 (NordicBet)

Good luck !

2:0 ++++++ 

среда, 6 апреля 2016 г.

Monaco - Paire | VIP Tennis TIPs | Strategy betting

Tennis. ATP Houston (USA). Clay
Kick 04/06/2016 21:30:00
Monaco - Paire
TIP 1 Monaco @ 1,8 (William Hill)

Despite its ranking in Hoonah clayer argentine Monaco is a special motivation to enter the top one hundred, where he always had to win at least the match against the constantly injured Frenchman Benoit Paire , who indirectly played on slow courts .

TIP 1  Monaco @ 1,8 (William Hill)

Good luck !

2:0 ++++++ 

воскресенье, 21 февраля 2016 г.

пятница, 18 сентября 2015 г.

Grigelis - Marchenko . Tennis. ATP Davis Cup . Group 1 (World)

Tennis. ATP Davis Cup . Group 1 (World)
Kick 09/18/2015 18:00:00
Grigelis - Marchenko
TIP 2 Marchenko 
@ 1,65 (TonyBet)

Grigelisu Marchenko is clearly not on the teeth. Class players quite a difference if Grigelis frequenter of various challengers and futures, then already in full Marchenko played major tournaments and the Masters Grand Slam!

TIP 2 Marchenko @ 1,65 (TonyBet)

Good luck !

четверг, 13 ноября 2014 г.

Ymer - Gerasimov . Tennis. ATP Challenger Helsinki (Finland). Hard . Tennis tournaments, Tennis, Sure Bets, Sport betting, insider tips, My strategy for tennis, Hot Matches, fixed-tips, Dropping Odds

Tennis. ATP Challenger Helsinki (Finland). Hard
Kick-off at 16:30 MSK

Ymer - Gerasimov
TIP 2 Gerasimov 1,83 (Marathonbet)

The thing is that the 18-year-old Elias Ymer their priority coatings on the court considers the soil, not hard, and even more so in the room, which today will play against Belarus Egor Gerasimov, but we know the contrary Gerasimov as players quickly courts, open and in the hall, the main weapon which is a powerful serve and forehand.

TIP 2 Gerasimov 1,83 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

воскресенье, 14 сентября 2014 г.

Dzumhur - Berankis . Tennis. ATP Davis Cup

Tennis. ATP Davis Cup
Kick-off at 15:00 MSK  

Dzumhur - Berankis
TIP 2 Berankis
kp. 1,75 (youwin)

As part of the Davis Cup Group 2 fighting team of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Lithuania in the face Dzumhur at against Berankis. Honestly admit that Berankis ground is not the best for him coating results at indoor and hard, expect a protracted match 4-5 sets. But here is a Lithuanian play experience matches and what is not convenient Berankis Dzumhur at since he already beat him. Odds of winning Berankis estimate at least 60 to 40 kp 1.75 calculate valuynost
K = (60 * 1.75) / 100 = 1.05 as we see above valuynost unit so reliable VIP match Berankis is a victory !

TIP 2 Berankis 1,75 (youwin)

Good luck !

пятница, 29 августа 2014 г.

Bautista-Agut - Smyczek . Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP US Open (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 22:30 MSK

Bautista-Agut - Smyczek
Handicap games Bautista-Agut (-6)
kp. 1,93 (Pinnacle)

Spaniard Bautista versatile player, he is equally reliable on all surfaces, without exception, be it a quick hard, grass or clay . Bookmakers in this game rely on the fact that Tim Smyczek American and playing at home so offer odds +/- 6 for most offices, but he did not help ! Smyczek a player Challenger tour in the spring stock Bautista rolled it to minus 14 in the light of three sets, Smyczek fit for the match as saying "ugorevshim" for it is the fifth week of heavy marathon without rest to participate in the American challengers and qualifications at the Masters as just Ranking enough to speak directly into the main draw of the tournament. Losses from the feeble Byukennenov, Matosevic and Kudla hits Smyczeka explicit level of play. In victory Bautista-Agut absolutely no doubt handicap minus 6 games in the five-set format flies even when winning the set in favor Smyczeka, which is highly unlikely !

Handicap games Bautista-Agut (-6) 1,93 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

пятница, 22 августа 2014 г.

McGee - Zhang Ze . Tennis. US Open ATP (USA). Qualification. Hard

Tennis. US Open ATP (USA). Qualification. Hard
Kick-off at 21:00 MSK

McGee - Zhang Ze
TIP 1 McGee
kp. 2,05 (Pinnacle)

Few places are surfacing that McGee already beaten kitayozu Zhang Ze within the Challenger Tour and even on a fast hard court - definitely not suitable for McGee Zhang, but he did not convenient for many as imposing their game and clings beats per point in match, even if the joke is actually lost.
Just the important fact that yesterday was quite an exhibition match against Zhang Ze Krycek in heavy three sets in the final set where Zhang gave his first pitch, and eventually won as Krajicek lost their next three or power is not enough, or just put down, but the fact remains that the feeble against Krycek kitayoza hard won in nearly two and a half hours, and McGee not so long ago hung up "the wheel" Krycek on one with the American challengers won easily sets 6 0 6:1 - so here !
The chances of the match appreciate 60 to 40 in favor of McGee with 2.05 calculate valuynost
K = (60 * 2.05) / 100 = 1.21 which is greater than 1 unit sledovatelno reliable VIP match McGee is a victory !

TIP 1 McGee 2,05 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

среда, 13 августа 2014 г.

Verdasco - Granollers . Tennis. ATP Cincinnati (USA). Hard

Tennis. ATP Cincinnati (USA). Hard
Kick-off at 20:30 MSK

Verdasco - Granollers
TIP 1 Verdasco
kp. 1,55 (Marathonbet)

Verdasco has always fought for large tournaments and Masters in Cincinnati is not an exception, because the prize fund here a little less than a Grand Slam. Despite the meets with Granollers, where Granollers wins 2:0 , we can say that they are not as important as they have been played for a long time 2 and 3, respectively, a year ago, and even more so on the cover is clearly suitable for Granollers is a slow clay. Verdasco also on hard is not very convenient, it will play a lefty and crosses with both hands deep in the back line for Granollers is the most dangerous weapon as a habit of not playing on hard, he will hardly be able to cope successfully play on the back line with his usual poor reception !

TIP 1 Verdasco 1,55 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

четверг, 7 августа 2014 г.

Lopez - Smyczek . Tennis. ATP Toronto (Canada). Hard

Tennis. ATP Toronto (Canada). Hard
Kick-off at 20:00 MSK

Lopez - Smyczek
TIP 1 Lopez
kp. 1,5 (mybet)

VIP match for profit !
Lopez brilliant game in the first round against compatriot Bautista winning set on a tie break lost 0: 5 - high Cost ! Tim Smyczek just loshok second hundred, it is worse around for Lopez, he is shorter, it does not have a serious supply, lower ratings, earned less than the prize money this year, hardly there is something can oppose Lopez, as a result of an easy victory Lopez 2:0 and the next 50% investment in a couple of hours in our pocket without any extra nerves !

TIP 1 Lopez 1,5 (mybet)

Good luck !

суббота, 2 августа 2014 г.

Goffin - Thiem . Tennis. ATP Kitzbuhel (Austria). Clay

Tennis. ATP Kitzbuhel (Austria). Clay
Kick-off at 15:00 MSK

Goffin - Thiem
Handicap sets Goffin (+1.5) set
kp. 1,51 (Pinnacle)

About achieve Goffin for the month of July we have said - it's three in a row won clay challenger, did not surprise us in the final victory over Thiem today, because according to statistics hosts tournaments often reach the finals, but much less often about 50 to 50 win them. Here again, the fact that Thiem Goffin uncomfortable for both lichku Goffin, in the final just sets give exactly is going, with the basis of the above, we can conclude that the rate is beton or VIP Goffin win at least one set. At the betting exchange Betfair it's called "Will any set Goffin?" - Yes 1.5 than sovetum and use !

Handicap sets Goffin (+1.5) set kp. 1,51 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

вторник, 29 июля 2014 г.

Andujar - Melzer . Tennis. ATP Kitzbuhel (Austria). Clay

Tennis. ATP Kitzbuhel (Austria). Clay
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Andujar - Melzer  

TIP 1 Andujar
kp .1,83 (Marathonbet)

Always a pleasure to play against one of Runet, which in our opinion is a typical service "guessing game", we will not point a finger at him. Today, it offers free play Meltzer forecasts for 2.4 and it is reliable nazyvetsya match :) funny! There is a clear line in Andujar, knocked it on all fronts, dropping kp visible to the naked eye, plus everything Spaniards traditionally added on the ground - Andujar played on it since childhood. Andujar on the wave of success, won Gstaad last week on the ground, and that Melzer this year on the ground early in the season there is something tried, generally is not the age to compete here with a young Andujar.

TIP 1 Andujar 1,83 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

суббота, 19 июля 2014 г.

Pospisil - Tomic . Tennis. ATP Bogota (Colombia). Hard

Tennis. ATP Bogota (Colombia). Hard
Kick-off at 19:00 MSK

Pospisil - Tomic
TIP 2 Tomic
kp. 1,63 (10Bet)

VIP match for profit !
Pospisil results this year are not impressive, two refusals in matches against Wawrinka - afraid of strong supply than has Tomic . Pospisil beat anyone ? Bhambri, Groth,  Ebden and Kuznetsova - laughter) Who lost ? Weak poor, elderly Becker eyed Kukushkin and play on my mood Dolgopolov . Opinion is that today against Tomic he just nothing to do here!
The chances of winning  Tomic estimate 
at least 9 with 10 or 90%, but minisovuyu odds Tomic not recommend taking a chance in favor Pospisil set, but definitely not more.

TIP 2 Tomic 1,63 (10Bet)

Good luck !

Donskoy - Gonsalez . Tennis. ATP Bogota (Colombia). Hard

Tennis. ATP Bogota (Colombia). Hard
Kick-off at 19:00 MSK

Donskoy - Gonsalez
TIP 2 Gonsalez
kp. 1,75 (Pinnacle)

Rate for the host tournament Colombian Gonsalez.
Evgeny Donskoy flight from the Czech Republic and the third week without rest is its obvious disadvantages . Gonsalez has played at home tournament ATP Bogota unlike Donskoy . Chance to win Gonsalez appreciate 8 with 10 or 80%.


TIP 2 Gonsalez 1,75 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

Bautista-Agut - Rosol . Tennis. ATP Stuttgart (Germany). Clay

Tennis. ATP Stuttgart (Germany). Clay
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Bautista-Agut - Rosol  

TIP 1 Bautista-Agut
kp .1.6 (Marathonbet)

VIP match for profit!
Top user predictions.
Final in Stuttgart (Germany) or Mercedes Cap. Spaniards traditionally added on low clay . This is a real chance for the first time in his career Bautista win second ATP title in a short period of time than when the opponent weak Czech merges Rosol . The chances of winning at least appreciate Bautista 9 with 10 or 90%. In the Spaniard's victory no doubt.


TIP 1 Bautista-Agut 1.6 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

среда, 2 июля 2014 г.

Dimitrov - Murray . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Wednesday July 2
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 17:00 MSK

Dimitrov - Murray
Handicap games Dimitrov (+4.5) kp. 2,0 (Paddy Power)

Wimbledon quarterfinals.
Despite the fact that Andy Murray plays with the support of their fans recommend playing the plus odds Grigor Dimitrov  

+ 4.5 games. Dimitrov won the tournament in London on the grass, while showing his best tennis in his career, with each match adds this season was able to beat such strong athletes on the grass as Wawrinka and Lopez. Murray did not play with anyone with a strong top tennis players, it is extremely lucky in the tournament grid Goffin, Rola , Bautista, Anderson - it does level brit !? If he wants to play on fast courts at Djokovic, he will have a long time to train with powerful tops ! I would like to add the fact that Murray changed the coach, rather bought myself :) trenersha Amelie Mauresmo, athletes never played consistently when their daily routines, workouts, games have new people, especially the coach. As there would not otlilsya Murray. Betting Exchange Betfair offers odds Dimitrov than +5.5 and even suggested to use !

Handicap games Dimitrov (+4.5) 2,0 (Paddy Power)

Good luck !

воскресенье, 29 июня 2014 г.

De Bakker - Souza . Tennis. ATP Challenger Marburg (Germany). Clay

Sunday June 29
Tennis. ATP Challenger Marburg (Germany). Clay
Kick-off at 12:00 MSK

De Bakker - Souza  

TIP 1 De Bakker
kp. 1,74 (Marathonbet)

  VIP match for profit!
Thieme De Bakker just another level of tennis player on the clay .  If you look at who he played for the last time and compare with rivals Brazilian Joao Souza, then clearly you can see the difference in class and level of play. Joao Sousa after injury and the absence of a tour in mid-spring and can not overcome their failures and make proper resistance tennis players even slightly better for themselves by rating and class game.


TIP 1 De Bakker 1,74 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

суббота, 28 июня 2014 г.

Granollers - Giraldo . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Thursday, 26 June
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Granollers - Giraldo
TIP 2 Giraldo
kp. 1,9 (Betfair)

Giraldo is not convenient for Granollers are talking about both meets for Colombian Santiago Giraldo. Giraldo this year shows a deliberate Tennis - Finals in Houston, the final in Barcelona, ​​the final in Madrid . Giraldo universal player , he plays on any surface is stable. What the Granollers? - He is a typical clayer loves to tinker with the ball a little longer, this year in addition to the RG results showed nothing, and thanks to the tournament grid (Dodig, Klizan, Dolgopolov) whatever changed tournaments all year 1-2 circle and fly. Conclusion: The collected stroke Giraldo, who thrashes aces and actively earns WINNERS Granollers vs. non-core and as a result the victory over Santiago Giraldo !

TIP 2 Giraldo 1,9 (Betfair)

Good luck !

воскресенье, 22 июня 2014 г.

Riba-Madrid - Ramos . Tennis. ATP Challenger Milan (Italy). Clay

Sunday June 22 
Tennis. ATP Challenger Milan (Italy).  Clay 
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK 
Riba-Madrid - Ramos 
TIP 2 Ramos 
kp. 1,67 (Paddy Power) 

VIP match for profit ! 
In Riba-Madrid ret. that week in a match against Lama, the Spaniard Riba clearly plays with unhealed foot injury last year, he even missed most of the season and slipped to fifth 700-rating, as they say is a broken tennis. Albert Ramos for a personal 5:2, when he beat Riba than this year, a player not only challengers, unlike Riba, on the clay this season neat results are not quite strong for a long time were defeated Monaco, Mayer, Hewitt, Berlocq compactor. Unambiguous victory in the match against Ramos Riba is no doubt !

TIP 2 Ramos 1,67 (Paddy Power) 

Good luck !