четверг, 25 сентября 2014 г.

Mayer - Nieminen . Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor
Kick-off at 09:00 MSK

Mayer - Nieminen
TIP 2 Nieminen  1,98 (Unibet)

I will say what I know. Nieminen in the hall on a fast Indoor always added despite his age, he was left-handed, and with it very hard to play, already visited two tournaments after US in Metz and there have already arrived to the coating took Oswald to the lungs sets 61 62 less than an hour. Meyer after the CD is not playing at Indoor no preparation, and indeed is a player of slow courts. Chances Mayer very little is likely they never will !

TIP 2 Nieminen 1,98 (Unibet)

Good luck !

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