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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Wimbledon. Показать все сообщения

воскресенье, 6 июля 2014 г.

Djokovic - Federer . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Sunday July 6
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 17:00 MSK

Djokovic - Federer

TIP 1 Djokovic
kp. 1,82 (Unibet)

Djokovic remains without a Grand Slam title this year !? Do not believe ! Ahead US Open, but chances smaller if he did not take any Australian Open this year, no Roland Garros. Wimbledon take against  uncle Fyodor can and will. Federer, though good, but take a Grand Slam title he no longer afford. All felled Fyodor - well, let us not all and as always choose exactly Djokovic in the finals, he is younger, faster, and a transcendent motivation to take his first Grand Slam titul this year !

TIP 1 Djokovic 1,82 (Unibet)

Good luck !

среда, 2 июля 2014 г.

Dimitrov - Murray . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Wednesday July 2
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 17:00 MSK

Dimitrov - Murray
Handicap games Dimitrov (+4.5) kp. 2,0 (Paddy Power)

Wimbledon quarterfinals.
Despite the fact that Andy Murray plays with the support of their fans recommend playing the plus odds Grigor Dimitrov  

+ 4.5 games. Dimitrov won the tournament in London on the grass, while showing his best tennis in his career, with each match adds this season was able to beat such strong athletes on the grass as Wawrinka and Lopez. Murray did not play with anyone with a strong top tennis players, it is extremely lucky in the tournament grid Goffin, Rola , Bautista, Anderson - it does level brit !? If he wants to play on fast courts at Djokovic, he will have a long time to train with powerful tops ! I would like to add the fact that Murray changed the coach, rather bought myself :) trenersha Amelie Mauresmo, athletes never played consistently when their daily routines, workouts, games have new people, especially the coach. As there would not otlilsya Murray. Betting Exchange Betfair offers odds Dimitrov than +5.5 and even suggested to use !

Handicap games Dimitrov (+4.5) 2,0 (Paddy Power)

Good luck !

вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.

Kyrgios - Nadal . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Tuesday July 1. Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 16:30 MSK

Kyrgios - Nadal
Handicap sets Kyrgios +2.5
kp. 2,5 (Pinnacle)


From the beginning of the tournament to participate in Wimbledon Rafa Nadal it was evident that the Spaniard will then cast - Set slivale Rosol lost, just lost a set Kukushkin. Rafa though twice won Wimbledon in 2008 and 2010, but it did not cover it explicitly. Australian Nick Kyrgios true grass tennis player, he grew up and trained primarily fast courts - it's his favorite surface, he plays a deep back line opponent - which is very inconvenient, delivers excellent - a lot of aces, he can play low balls - which is important for grass. In general, it sharpened his game under the fast courts with low bounce. After analyzing these facts it is safe to put a bet on a betting exchange Betfair is set Kirgios Win - YES at 2.62 or is the tip (Lay) against Rafa 3-0, which means that Nadal wins 3-0, or a majority of bookmakers is handicap sets Kirgios +2.5 set.

Handicap sets Kyrgios +2.5 kp. 2,5 (Pinnacle)

Good luck !

суббота, 28 июня 2014 г.

Granollers - Giraldo . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Thursday, 26 June
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Granollers - Giraldo
TIP 2 Giraldo
kp. 1,9 (Betfair)

Giraldo is not convenient for Granollers are talking about both meets for Colombian Santiago Giraldo. Giraldo this year shows a deliberate Tennis - Finals in Houston, the final in Barcelona, ​​the final in Madrid . Giraldo universal player , he plays on any surface is stable. What the Granollers? - He is a typical clayer loves to tinker with the ball a little longer, this year in addition to the RG results showed nothing, and thanks to the tournament grid (Dodig, Klizan, Dolgopolov) whatever changed tournaments all year 1-2 circle and fly. Conclusion: The collected stroke Giraldo, who thrashes aces and actively earns WINNERS Granollers vs. non-core and as a result the victory over Santiago Giraldo !

TIP 2 Giraldo 1,9 (Betfair)

Good luck !

Kubot - Lajovic . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Thursday, 26 June
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 14:30 MSK

Kubot - Lajovic  

TIP 1 Kubot kp. 1.54
Handicap Kubot (- 3) kp.

TIPS exhibited by bookmakers Pinnacle.
Pole Lukasz Kubot  for more experienced Lajovich . Do Lajovic this year was the first victory with seven appearances in his career on the grass. Kubot for best results it is the junior Wimbledon quarter-finals in singles and doubles in 2000. Dusan Lajovic (Dutsi) not even a professional, this year earned more than his entire career, he was not wanted in the next round.


TIP 1 Kubot 1.54
Handicap Kubot (- 3) 1.82

Good luck!

Mannarino - Riba-Madrid. Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Tuesday June 24
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Mannarino - Riba-Madrid
Handicap Mannarino (- 8.5)
kp. 1,9 (Marathonbet)

This fight will be a rout away or "game one wicket" - whatever you want to call ! Why !? Yes it is not clear how this got here at all broken-class tennis challenger Riba, last year had a rating of 700, a big disadvantage is that it is playing with a foot injury, as well his flight to Italy, where he played on the final challenger in Milan Sunday vs. Ramos on the clay , the most difficult transition from the clay on the grass, on the grass at all in his career with 6 matches 5 which lost no options in the distant 11th year.
Mannarino very uncomfortable, he is left-handed, he has a lot of victories at Wimbledon last 3-0 years, it is the best game will serv and voley and play at the net, what is very important in these courts, for a Frenchman Mannarino not think of a better opponent here will definitely be set to 61 or 62 in favor Mannarino, and more a matter of technique.

Handicap Mannarino (- 8.5) 1,9 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

понедельник, 23 июня 2014 г.

Stakhovsky - Berlocq . Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass.

Monday June 23 
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass. 
Kick-off at 14:30 MSK
Stakhovsky - Berlocq 
Handicap Stakhovsky (-5) 
kp. 1,85 (Marathonbet)

Yeah probably soon progruz this rate to 1.7 and Marathon just taking it off or change to -5.5, but well, that is just there, and Pinnacle will take before the match with a minus 5 on Stakhovsky albeit at a reduced kefu . Definitely here for Stacho there will be no difficulties, he even won titles on grass, in the year immediately pulled Fyodor. Berlocq typical gruntovika his career at Wimbledon this 6 appearances and all six missions in the first round by 3-0, for he is not a rival Earrings, fly to Argentina on sunbathing with minus 5 at least !

Handicap Stakhovsky (-5) 1,85 (Marathonbet) 

Good luck !

четверг, 19 июня 2014 г.

Jaziri - Ilhan

Thursday June 19
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass 
Kick-off at 14:00 MSK
Jaziri - Ilhan 
TIP 2 Ilhan 
kp. 1,75 (Marathonbet) 

VIP match for profit! 
In victory Ilhan exactly no doubt. Ilhan since the beginning of the month does not go with him to the UK is the second tournament in London, he spent 4 duel 3 with which he won and lost one strong Mahut, who plays exclusively on fast courts. Ilhan more experienced on the grass for him this is the fifth Wimbledon, he is younger than his opponent, taller and faster moves on the court better overlaps court, with his backhand cross crown will repeatedly dial pt, it is more hardy, its weight rises above 10 cm for Jaziri than 5 kg, Jaziri recently gained extra weight, which is absolutely not acceptable to play on fast courts. 
The chances of winning at least 9 Ilhan estimate with 10 or 90%.

TIP 2 Ilhan 1,75 (Marathonbet) 

Good luck!