среда, 24 сентября 2014 г.

Cuevas - Dodig . Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor

Tennis. ATP Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Indoor
Kick-off at 09:00 MSK

Cuevas - Dodig
TIP 1 Cuevas kp. 2.05 (5Dimes)

Dodig in terrible shape. Cuevas Recent matches really really scored a good game form. In Kuala Lumpur on the light passed Melzer plays attacking tennis. In the match against Dodig feeble Japanese Croatian Moria Moria ate legs blew twice brekoval it and apply for a set, but not really just luck, put the second set due to inexperience! Dodig chances in the upcoming match against Cuevas no more than 25% with a 100 !

TIP 1 Cuevas  2,05 (5Dimes) Good luck !

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