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Mannarino - Riba-Madrid. Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass

Tuesday June 24
Tennis. ATP Wimbledon (UK). Grass
Kick-off at 18:00 MSK

Mannarino - Riba-Madrid
Handicap Mannarino (- 8.5)
kp. 1,9 (Marathonbet)

This fight will be a rout away or "game one wicket" - whatever you want to call ! Why !? Yes it is not clear how this got here at all broken-class tennis challenger Riba, last year had a rating of 700, a big disadvantage is that it is playing with a foot injury, as well his flight to Italy, where he played on the final challenger in Milan Sunday vs. Ramos on the clay , the most difficult transition from the clay on the grass, on the grass at all in his career with 6 matches 5 which lost no options in the distant 11th year.
Mannarino very uncomfortable, he is left-handed, he has a lot of victories at Wimbledon last 3-0 years, it is the best game will serv and voley and play at the net, what is very important in these courts, for a Frenchman Mannarino not think of a better opponent here will definitely be set to 61 or 62 in favor Mannarino, and more a matter of technique.

Handicap Mannarino (- 8.5) 1,9 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

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